Royally Hot Hunt

royal huntTheme:

Once upon a time, princes and princesses were meant to be proper and modest. These prudish days are over! The twenty first century has taken these innocent princes and princesses and made them royally hot!


♛ How does one find the gifts!?

Hints and other information is presented to you on the hunt site found here:

♛ How much do these prizes cost?

These items will be placed for L$1 as to share your wealth with the creators of the items.

♛ Are there rules to follow?

Only but a few. We ask that, although you are letting go of your conservative nature for the items, you remain respectful and polite to the creators.

We also ask that you keep the hiding spots of the prizes a secret from others as to keep the game fair for all.

Our last rule is that you have a fun and have a pleasant time searching for your prizes!

Time Line

♚ Feb 20th- Applications Open

♚ March 14th- Applications Close {Packs will be sent out around this date}

♚ March 16th- Signs Out {Stores with no sign out will be removed from the hunt}

♚  March 21st- Hint Cards Due {Stores with no hint cards will be removed}

♚  March 26th- Items Out & Set for Sale {Stores without items set out will be removed}

♚  March 28th- Hunt Starts!

♚  April 28th- Hunt Ends!