2 New Hunts starting today at JLZ!

 ✦✦50 Shades of Gray –

This hunt item has 2 gifts. One for girls and one for guys (PSST, girls the guy one is unisex so you get 2!)
The girl item is a lovely gray silk night gown and the guys get an all gray fireplace scene with 3 kiss and 3 cuddle animations. See picture for details!

hunt gifts ad boardad board dress

✦✦Kawaii Hunt

Also starting is the Kawaii Hunt. We have a cute and slightly quirky mesh dress for this item. http://sourpickleshunts.blogspot.com

AD-kawaii hunt dress

Buddy Walk Charity Event!
Thank you to everyone who help supported the Buddy Walk. In total we raised over $405,000L.! slbuddywalk.org

Happy Hunting!!

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